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Originally started in 1958, Ajay was a small local glass shop performing simple residential and small commercial work. In 1968, George Stathopoulos bought into the Company as a partner and eventually gained full control in 1978. In 1982, he brought in a partner, Nick Marcucci, to help expand the business. From there, he grew the contracting end of the business by performing glass and glazing for various contractors and owners in the Upstate New York area. By 1992, all three of his sons had joined the business.

Today, Ajay Glass is one of the largest glass subcontractors in the Northeastern US. Ajay Glass has been consistently ranked in the top 20 glass and curtainwall contractors in America according to ENR and Glass Magazine.

Ajay Glass can design, fabricate and install a custom or standard exterior wall system that meets your specifications. We assist Architects Contractors and Owners by providing budgeting, design assistance, material sourcing/selection assistance and planning/scheduling through the use of our vast resources and established contacts in the industry.

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(From June 2016)

We are sad to announce that we have lost a member of the Ajay family. Nick Marcucci, former partner and Executive Vice-President of Ajay Glass, passed away this week at the age of 84. Nick was not only a former Owner of Ajay Glass, but he was also mentor, friend and second father to Steve, Dean and myself. He worked at Ajay Glass from 1981 until he retired in 2000 and was highly regarded in the Rochester, NY construction community.

Nick was living in Arizona at the time of his passing, but made the trip up annually for our Christmas dinner with our employees.  He was a graduate of Clarkson University.  There were many good times that we shared and we will miss him tremendously.  We wish to extend our deepest sympathies to his wife and family for their loss.

RIP Nick…may your memory be eternal.

Jim Stathopoulos,
CEO Ajay Glass Co.

George Stathopoulos - Chairman of the Board

George Stathopoulos – Chairman of the Board

George Stathopoulos

-Chairman of the Board

George Stathopoulos came to this country from his native Greece in search of a better life and economic opportunity.  From humble beginnings, he laid the foundation for Ajay Glass to become the firm it is today.  President John F. Kennedy talked about the “American Dream” for immigrants in this country and George is the epitome of that dream.  When he first arrived in the United States in 1961 at the age of 26, he took a job at Mac’s Glass on East Main Street and set out to be glazier.  Having come from a construction background in his native Greece, where his family was well known in the northern part of the country for the quality of work they performed, learning the trade was not very difficult.  From there, he went to work as a Glazier for Ajay Glass in 1964 and continued that work progressing to lead foreman and then superintendent until 1968.  Faced with the prospect of losing his job as the company was going to go out of business, George decided to approach one of the partners with the bold idea that he would assume half of the debt and continue to operate the company with him.

Recognizing the potential, through hard work and dedication to grow the company, he did just that.  As the company continued to grow under his leadership, it became apparent that contract glazing was going to be the driver to continue the growth of Ajay Glass.  With that in mind, he pursued expansion of the contract glazing business and eventually, bought out his old partner.  Thirty plus years later, the second generation of Ajay Glass is leading the company and Ajay Glass has become a top 50 glazing contractor in the United States.  George continues to work today spending time in the office during the months of April to December offering insights, advice and continually providing mentoring to his sons (the next generation) leading Ajay Glass.  During the winter months, you will be able to find him in Florida at his winter home relaxing but always thinking of what is happening at Ajay Glass.



Jim Stathopoulos

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Stathopoulos

President and COO

Dean Stathopoulos

Executive Vice President

Brian O’Shell

Chief Financial Officer